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The legend of Winter in Fuerteventura

The legend of the mysterious German Gustav Winter, who owned the entire Jandía peninsula that belongs to Fuerteventura and who allegedly came here for the Third Reich on behalf of Hermann Göring, has existed since the 1930s. Countless journalists, historians and hobby researchers have tried in the last decades to find out the truth about all the rumors about Nazis, submarines, secret bunkers and stolen gold on Fuerteventura, largely without success. In 2018 the tide turned, the secret of the mysterious Gustav Winter was revealed!

The Austrian / German author and publicist Alexander Peer took on the story in 2015 and spent two years researching to research the truth. He toured archives in Germany, Austria, Spain, Great Britain, France, Switzerland and the USA, conducted interviews with well-known historians, authors, history professors, journalists and contemporary witnesses all over the world. Dozens of flights, thousands of kilometers of motorway and hundreds of hours of work have been invested in research trips.

Extensive investigations in previously unexplored sources have uncovered documents and documents that have never been viewed, which provide surprising insights. City, state and university archives as well as municipal offices all over Germany and Spain were searched for data that could reveal amazing connections. Ultimately, the persistent author also succeeded in gaining insight into files that were previously under lock and key. All the knowledge gained provides the pieces of the puzzle that Peer puts together in his book to form a complete picture of this amazing event. In the book only facts that can be proven by documents are presented, rumors and myths did not find their way into the content.

The book MYTHOS WINTERThe truth about the German engineer Gustav Oskar Winter will be published shortly. Illustrated with numerous illustrations, maps and photos, the secret of the legend of winter on Fuerteventura will be revealed and Gustav Winter‘s life will be described in detail.