DIE VILLA | P.E. Dangelmaier


This novel tells the story as it could have happened. Historically documented facts combined with a plot based on rumors result in an exciting story that gives rise to speculation …



Early 20th century: Captain and Adjutant Canaris has been tasked with bringing the small cruiser SMS Dresden, loaded with the valuables of German citizens, from civil war-torn Mexico to its German home port. However, the ship is sunk en route at the hands of the British fleet in Cumberland Bay. At a later point, fate brings together Wilhelm Canaris and the engineer Gustav Winter, who is commissioned to plan and construct a German submarine and marine base on Fuerteventura’s peninsula of Jandía. Embarking on a secret mission, a team of capable men sets out to retrieve the SMS Dresden’s sunken golden treasure, with success. But upon their return to the base, something goes wrong and the Germans once again lose the 12 tons of gold in a cave on Fuerteventura…


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